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What to expect on sunday:

On Sunday afternoons, we gather in-person at 4:00 pm in the upstairs chapel of Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church. We are a small congregation-- usually about 20 people per Sunday-- so you should know it's hard to be a "fly on the wall" in our gatherings. You will be seen, but it will be with care, authenticity and honesty.


Kids are always welcome in our multi-generational gatherings and can help themselves to the crafts and toys from the "Prayground."

Because we follow a collaborative leadership model, every Sunday can look a bit different.  The latest info about upcoming gatherings can be found on our home page.


We look forward to seeing you!


For any accessibility concerns, please email

Every Sunday we are committed to gathering in Jesus-centred worship to share Christ's communion table, engage Scripture, pray, and be together. Here's how our hybrid model of pastor-led and volunteer-led Sundays works...

SPECIAL SUNDAYS: Some Sundays are pastor-led Sunday that features live music (about 4 songs), an outside-the-box sermon (about 20 min), communion, and occasionally even pizza to follow. If you are new to The Road, this is a great first stop!  

Supper SUNDAYS: Typically the 4th Sunday of each month is a pastor-led Sunday with a simpler vibe along with our monthly potluck. If you are new to The Road, this might be for you if you are looking to get to know folks around a meal and informal table conversation. 

long weekend SUNDAYs: No scheduled gatherings. 

JAM & PLAN SUNDAYS: Once every 3 months, we have a “Jam & Plan” Sunday. This gathering has three parts-- first we “jam” with some worship music, then we reflect together on the next season’s scriptural themes, then we “plan” as we share ideas for creative liturgical elements and have a chance to sign up for Deeper Together Sundays (and other volunteer roles for the upcoming 3 months). 

deeper together SUNDAYS: These are the Sundays that are volunteer-led gatherings with more of a “small group” feel. These Sundays are not about fancy productions, but about authentic sharing from the heart. Going deeper together might look like a…
- prayer gathering (collective art, intercession, meditation, lectio divina, etc.)
- webinar and group discussion 

- Bible study or book study series
- service project or field trip (i.e. local engagement with nature or the arts)
- social justice action (i.e. letter writing or education re: faith & justice issues)

Contact us

4612 Varsity Drive, NW

Calgary AB, T3A 1V7

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