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A large number of gifted people give generously of their time and abilities to help make The Road the community it is. Among these, we have a dedicated staff team and volunteer leadership team.

Jacqui Mignault (she/her)
MA Theology


Pastor (Preaching & Worship Design)

I love imagining new ways we can bring the wisdom of this ancient faith to bear in community. I love to ask questions about Christian faith and justice, faith and art, faith and embodiment, faith and politics, faith and creation care, faith and culture, faith and spiritual transformation… I just ask a lot of questions. I have a particular interest in connecting the dots between an embodied Jesus and our faith now, having experienced some of the damage that comes from an abstracted faith. In addition to The Road, I work with the following:

- CRC Centre for Public Dialogue (advocating for refugee, climate and Indigenous justice in churches and government policy)

- U of C campus ministry

- Spiritual direction (meeting one on one with folks interested in soul care and companionship)

- writing (Christian Courier or Do Justice blog)

The thing I love to do the most is wander and wonder outside with my family and dogs in the
forests near my home. The second thing I love is treasure hunting at thrift stores. And the third
is a tie between napping and reading and drinking coffee! You can also check out my podcast that I host with my friend Zaak where we talk about what an incarnated faith just might be!

Rich Braaksma (he/him)
MDiv, DMin candidate

Pastor (Preaching)

Rich's fave thing is writing bios. ;)

Jess Andrews (she/her)

Pastor (Faith Formation & Community)

Welcome! I look forward to connecting. :)

In addition to 15 years in Christian ministry, I used to work as a Registered Nurse but often found myself more concerned with the spiritual aspects of healing than the medical rush of things, so I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Theology. I love Jesus and people and deep conversations. We all have something to offer and are more interconnected than we think. I believe that the Church has a pivotal role to play in our world and that we must be rooted in deep love and humility, recognizing that religion has both harmed and healed. Because I have experienced both, I advocate for Christian spaces marked by trauma-informed theology and practices. I am especially passionate about the value and resilience of queer folks within Christian spheres. Helping to produce this year's Citywide Pride Interfaith Service was a huge highlight for me.


I also love hitting the Moose and West Bragg mountain biking trails with my three boys and my spouse of 17 years. What else fills my bucket? Yoga, reading, soul care, and equipping folks with tangible practices and lots of space for meaningful encounters with God, creation & each other.

Aiden Scherzinger (he/him)

Student Intern (Youth, Communications, U of C)

I am in my 5th year of an undergraduate degree in theology. I love talking bible nerd details and engaging thoughtful conversations on what it means to be Christ-followers in our context today. As a swimmer at heart, I have a deep desire to jump in most bodies of water I come across, even if I don't have the courage to do it most of the time. In my free time I will likely be found playing video games, having way too much fun cooking, or re-watching some show or movie I have already seen 7 times. The only social media you will find me active on these days will be my twitter, where my timeline is split between respected theological thinkers and the weirdest satirical humor accounts I can find. I am really passionate about the Church-at-large being a place for constructive and meaningful conversation, and would like to apologize in advance for having to ask for your name again even after your 4th interaction with me.

Leadership Team Volunteers
Jeff Loomis (Chair)
Jae Cowie (Treasurer)
Nicole Wilson

Dianne Draper
Wendy Dart
Anneke Korver (Young Adult Rep)
Ken Bolstad

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