ubuntu update

Ubuntu. Jan. 2020


            If you have been attending  the Road Church the last couple of months you will have noticed the increased focus to bring awareness of the Ubuntu project to our local church community. This is an intentional effort in raising the Ubuntu profile to help sustain funds which continue to employ two full time workers in Malawi working under the Eagles Relief Church in Community program. The response from the Road Church has been overwhelming and for that we the Ubuntu group and the Road Church leadership thank you.

The food security aspect of the Church in Community’s work has been highlighted as this is a foundational part of their overall program. There are however other integral parts of the program that are taught as the Church in Community staff go out to the villages. These include looking after the orphan and widow - the most vulnerable people in the respective villages, establishing small group bible studies to focus on the Creator’s plans from a biblical perspective for living in and looking after this world, as well as encouraging gender equality in the home. In regards to the latter, my experience living with Austin and Misoulle and their family for 3 days was both eye opening as well as encouraging.

African domestic culture is highly male dominate. In conversing with Au
stin he took great pride in how he had began to help his wife with domestic chores. These include  things like helping to  prepare food and fetching water from the village bore hole. He was sharing this as we shelled ground nuts to roast for our breakfast and later as we fetched water for the daily household needs.

"I recall how the two of us struggled carrying a 12 gallon bucket of water from the village bore hole back to the family home stopping every 10 meters to rest my back - this as his 9 year old daughter hoisted a 5 gallon bucket onto her head and gracefully walked past us back to their yard. I also couldn’t help but notice the slight grin on her face as she watched my struggle. "

As a pastor in his village Austin also shared how he was encouraging the men in his congregation to do the same and he was pleased that many were beginning to change their attitudes and behaviour towards the sharing of household work with their spouses. 


As an agent for Sustainable Developmental Aid - the organization we are supporting is focussed on making sure the Good News that Christ offered was not just good news for the privileged or the dominate but it is the Good News for everyone starting with the complete family unit and reaching out to the vulnerable, the community, the country and the world at large.