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2020 Lent Photo Challenge

Are you looking for a creative way to add some spiritual reflection to your daily routine during Lent? Join others across North America by participating in the #CRCLentPhoto challenge. Each day, read a Scripture passage from the Revised Common Lectionary in the list below and contemplate the theme word provided.

Then, take a photo that represents that theme and post it to your favorite social media site with #CRCLentPhoto so that we can all be inspired together. On Sundays, take a Sabbath from this challenge in order to focus on the Word proclaimed during your church’s worship service.

 CRCNA Photo Challenge Lent.pdf (preview)

lent resources

praying in colour

Using a calendar template is a simple, daily prayer practice for making the 40-day journey through Lent. 

Each day choose a word to ponder or a person to pray for. Write the word or name in the allotted space with a pen and draw or doodle around it. Add color with colored pencils or markers. Let the word or name speak to you. If words come to you as you draw, pray them. If not, just continue to draw, stay quiet, and let the word or name burrow into your mind and heart. Returning to the calendar each day establishes a special time to be present to God and to listen.

Think of each mark of the pen or stroke of a colored marker/pencil as a small non-verbal prayer. The goal of the doodling and drawing is not to make a beautiful work of art, but to create a visual prayer. Drawing/doodling invites the body into the prayer, gives the eyes and hand something to do, and helps to focus attention on the word or person.

Calendar PDF                       Spiral PDF                 Heart PDF            Lamb of God PDF