July 5 Practice: Sit and Stay

Embracing Wonder and Mystery

Psalm 33:1-9 calls us to “rejoice in the Lord” and “sing to him a new song” for several reasons: his word is upright, he loves righteousness and justice, and he made the earth. “Let all the earth fear the Lord . . . for he spoke and it came to be” 

You might think that observing the natural word is simply a matter of looking around you — but there's more to this observing than meets the eye. If we understand that the natural world is a sanctuary that enables us to praise and worship God, then developing an ‘intentional curiosity’ about God’s creation as well as the observational skills that help us explore and appreciate the wonder of it all, can help enhance the depth of our worship.



  • to ‘be present’ (mindful) in nature

  • to be curious and take time to observe more deeply

  • to be connected with God whose creativity is reflected in creation

  • to be moved to worship because of the splendour of His creation

  • to see our circumstances with new eyes in our anxious times (Luke 12:27)

Stay tuned as each week this summer a new nature practice will be shared with you in the enews, and here on the website.  These practices can be done individually or in a group (but if you go as a group, be sure to spread out, not only because of the physical distancing we are respecting at this time, but also to minimize distractions and the temptation to converse with each other during the observation period).

July 19 practice:

closer, closer, closer

July 26 Practice:

A Sound Map

August 2 Practice:

cosy up to a tree

august 23 practice:

Wonders of Feathers

August 9 Practice:

Walking on Holy Ground



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