mission & values

Our Mission
The Road Church is an accepting & affirming community called to experience and to be God's presence everywhere. We believe that church happens wherever we are - at home, work, school, and play. We want to live into God's dream of a world where everyone and everything is made new. We want to love, serve, and give our lives to help make that happen.
Our Church
Being small is our superpower-- it keeps us real. We are a Jesus-centered, diverse and gifted community with a curious spirit that keeps us praying for open eyes, ears and hearts. All ages participate and folks from various denominational backgrounds have found a home. There is intentional space for questions, uncertainty and mystery here. Misfits and deconstruction are celebrated! Our "Creative Collective" explores and creates art together, sometimes treating our Sunday gatherings to spoken word performances, fresh songwriting, and visual art pieces.
Our Name
The Road Church comes from the story of the Emmaus Road in Luke.  Many times in our own journeys we are met by Jesus without even realizing He is with us! He is the one who reveals the truth to us, connecting our daily lives to the Big Story of Scripture.  As a community who is united in our diversity, we hold on to Ephesians 4:4 (MSG) when it says ‘we're all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together both outwardly and inwardly’.


Our Biblical Posture

We approach the Bible with sincere devotion and intellectual honesty while avoiding literalism. It is the inspired, trustworthy and beautiful Word of God, but its authorship and interpretation by humans are not infallible. As Christians, it provides sacred revelation of Jesus Christ and we humbly rely on the Holy Spirit's help and dialogue among diverse voices to understand and apply it today.


Our Values

As followers of Jesus, at The Road Church we value:

  • Genuineness – we are a community of sincere, unassuming people

  • Wonder – we embrace curiosity and ponder big questions in a spirit of growth

  • Openness – we welcome everyone as they are and respectfully make space for differences 

  • Justness – we pursue peace and believe that the relief of injustice is how we exemplify love in our world

Denominational Affiliation

We belong to a community of churches known as the Christian Reformed Church of North America. We value the manifold wisdom of this community (Eph. 3:10) and affirm the fruit of its traditions such as committed engagement with scripture, intergenerational fellowship and a commitment to responding to God's grace by bringing justice and flourishing to every corner of God's creation.

2SLGBTQIA+ Inclusion