A healthy, vibrant community in Malawi with personal connections to the people of The Road Church.



Ubuntu Malawi’s mission is to build a reciprocal relationship with the Kamanzi community in Malawi, Africa. We want to help them develop holistic and sustainable projects to help improve the quality of their lives. In return we believe we can learn a great deal about life from them. To continue to grow the reciprocity of our relationship we exchange visits to and from Malawi periodically. We also support the broader work of World Renew in Malawi.


In order to continue to build this relationship The Road Church partners with World Renew and their partner in Malawi, Eagles Relief and Development. We do so by supporting Eagles Relief in their work of leading the Church in Community process.  “We (Eagles Malawi) train churches to help their local community identify their problems and come up with solutions.” This approach to development work is very closely aligned with our values.



Values that guide our actions and decisions:

Holistic – our approach should deal with problems in a way that incorporates the inter-related complexities of the issues at hand.


Grassroots/Locally Driven – the identification of needs and priorities should be determined by the people themselves, on the ground.


Sustainable/Long-term – realizing that there are no short term solutions, we value work with the long term view that the community will be able to solve their problems without outside assistance.


Inclusive – our support is not conditioned upon religion, or tribe; we want to help whomever wants or needs our help in the community. Period.





The Road Church’s History in Africa


The Road Church (New Hope Church at that time) began their relationship with the Kamanzi community in Malawi in 2009 with a visit to see the work of World Renew in the area and to dialogue with their local partner Nkhoma Relief and Development about the role The Road Church might have in assisting their work. After the first visit The Road Church supported four main projects for several years. We had a visit from some of the members of the local development committee in 2011 and we had a group return to Malawi in 2013. Since our last visit World Renew has found a new partner in Malawi and we support wholeheartedly their approach of local assessment and empowerment. This can be a slow process but one that we believe has the most long term and sustainable benefit to the community.


The fruit of the projects supported in the past are at minimum:
            165 families with goats
            105 families with pigs


Our hope is that many of these projects continue to ‘pay-it-forward’ as the programs were designed to have each family that benefitted return their first offspring to the program to be given to another family.


In addition to these efforts:

            Over 300 families have benefited from seed loans
            400 eco-san latrines were constructed
            Lunches for up to 400 pre-school children (many of whom were orphans) were provided for 3 years

Partners in Hope - Uganda

Partners in Hope (PiH) was a joint partnership between Emmanuel CRC, Hillside CRC, World Renew and the Diocese of Lango in Northern Uganda, whose mission was to have a sustainable partnership, mutually learning and supporting one another for the promotion of literacy, food security, communities free of HIV/AIDS, cultural interaction, and sharing the gospel.


The partnership started in 2009 with a visit from Calgary with key leaders in the Diocese of Lango, specifically the communities of Otwal and Aduku. There they created a formal partnership. Over six years, the partnership achieved some amazing successes including:

  • Relationship development between the partners through communication and prayer and visits with team members in Uganda and in Calgary. 


  • Visible economic empowerment in the communities of Otwal and Aduku, including the areas of food security of goat breeding, onion farming and microenterprises.


The partnership also had a number of challenges, specifically communication challenges, lack of accountability from the Diocese of Lango, and mobilizing more interest in Calgary for team members and support. In 2015, World Renew decided to phase out of their partnership with the location. Shortly after, Canadian members of PiH also had major transition with a key member from Emmanuel CRC moving and the merge of Hillside with New Hope Church. By the end of 2015, it was decided to close the chapter on PiH, accepting that the partnership made a significant difference with sustainable successes. 

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